We Stand For Change

“Fears are paper tigers.” — Amelia Earhart Misogyny. Racism. Anti-immigration. The list goes on. Day in and day out, brothers and sisters peel back the sheets lining the comfort of their beds, and step into a frying pan of the daily discomfort, microaggressions, and inequality that plague a large portion of the public today. On January 21st, roughly 3.2 million people worldwide took a stand, refusing to buckle under the burdens of eyes refusing to see their pain. Instead, they forced themselves to be seen. Our sisters flood the streets with signs exercising their right to freedom of speech. They… Read more »

World Pulse LIVE 2014

This fall, three amazing women from the World Pulse community will travel to New York, Portland, and San Francisco to speak out on global stages and at influential forums. Their stories from Tibet, Nigeria, and the U.S. will touch hearts and minds as they demonstrate the power of digital technology in changing lives and creating solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

MSU sister Ynanna Djehuty (Orisha) will be speaking as a voice for maternal care.

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