Stepping & Strolling

MSU step stroll


Stepping is an important part of America’s artistic cultural heritage. In this rising art form, the body serves as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds through a combination of foot stomps, claps and spoken word. It is based on traditions of African-based communities that use movement, words and sounds to communicate allegiance to a group. Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. is noted as the first multicultural organization to embrace traditions of stepping.


In addition to stepping, strolling is also incorporated into our sisterhood’s culture. Strolling, also known as party walking, is an energized, synchronized dance, typically performed in a line. We have national, regional, and chapter step and stroll teams comprised of talented and dedicated women who want to showcase their enthusiasm for our sorority. These teams represent the organization in both competitions and exhibitions, often placing in the top tier of performances.