I am Mu: Ashley Brevil

I am a black woman born in Brooklyn, New York to Jamaican and Guyanese parents.

I am a Christian,  a wife, and a mommy of two.

I am a Social Worker practicing psychotherapy as a licensed clinical social worker .

I’m a business owner.

I live in Orlando, Florida.

Today I celebrate my 31st birthday.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida.

In Spring 2008 I became a sister of the Haumea Chapter.

They call me “Wild’n Out” and sometimes “Pulelehua”.

I am a Pisces.

I love Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Brown Sugar, Love and Basketball, Black Panther and Insecure!

I am MU!


Ashley Brevil

Haumea, Spring 2008

Ashley Brevil is a sister from the Haumea Chapter at the University of Central Florida. She became initiated in Spring 2008 and has been serving as the National Vice President since 2017.

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