The program R.A.C.E (Recognizing And Celebrating Ethnicities) was created by a sister of MSU and has become a part of the Multicultural Blueprint of our Mu Sigma Upsilon.  R.A.C.E. is presented at various schools where MSU maintains active chapters.

R.A.C.E. (Recognizing and Celebrating Ethnicities) was established at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick, NJ Campus in 1994 as a forum through which cultural diversity could be highlighted and showcased in a new and exciting way. Through R.A.C.E., both the multicultural nature of our organization, as well as that of the community around us, is demonstrated.

R.A.C.E. has taken the form of a variety show involving performances from various cultural organizations represented on campus. Members of campus cultural organizations perform in costume and provide cultural displays for table-top exhibition during the event. Sisters sometimes wear national costumes pertaining to their cultural background or heritage and provide sample delicacies from all parts of the world!

Race Flyer

From dance to song, music to the spoken word, R.A.C.E. has become Mu Sigma Upsilon’s signature event, the ultimate educational experience and a true artistic celebration of differences that, ultimately, bring us all closer together. For almost 20 years, this event has upheld our multicultural tradition while promoting diversity and a deeper understanding of cultures, as well as challenging stereotypes throughout the university and community.

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