Enough is Enough

January 23rd. Benton, Kentucky. Sixteen people shot. February 14th. Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people killed. March 20th. Lexington Park, Maryland. Three shot, two killed. Unfortunately, the list goes on. Twelve weeks into 2018, 17 school shootings have already occurred, averaging 1.4 shootings per week. A diverse crowd of students, teachers, and community members met at the March For Our Lives demonstration…

Bye Bye Net Neutrality, and What That Means for Us

Net neutrality laws have been the core of our free browsing internet privileges. We can look up our favorite blogs from go-to makeup gurus, check out start-up business websites from friends’ recommendations, and browse the web at our leisure without worrying about who is monitoring or policing our viewing experience. Sure, ads from your latest Google search might suspiciously pop…

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