Black Hair, We Care

Wake up. A matt of hair frames your face. Nappy curls trap your fingers as you try to tousle out your hair. You roll your eyes, mentally prepping for the battle that is about to occur.

Detangle. Lots and lots of conditioner. You wonder how tender headed girls do it, because your hair is an aggressive fighter. Clumps of hair wrap around your finger and you silently pray that you aren’t going bald. You sigh. Then smile. Because once you’re done with your hair? Girl, you look poppin’!

Your curls bounce gently, framing your melanin with perfect finesse. You own your curls–as much work as they are to maintain–and you ain’t afraid to let the whole world know.

Hair is an incredibly powerful fashion statement, especially for black women. Women rock afros, cornrows, braids, twist outs, bantu knots, Brazilian blowouts, straight hair, and so much more. Our hair is simply one of the many ways that black women can express themselves and take pride in their culture. Healthy hair is envied, and intricate up dos desired. This black history month, take a moment to appreciate the style and care put into looking good. Hairstyle is an art and black women are phenomenal artists!

Featured below are some of your fellow sisters rocking their favorite hairstyles.

Tiffany Thomas, Undergraduate Sister of the Novastella Chapter at West Chester University

Nyesha White, Alumna Sister of the Freyja Chapter at Rowan University

Jasmine Lawson, Undergraduate Sister of from the Haumea Chapter at the University of Central Florida

Krystin White, Undergraduate Sister of the Yemaya Chapter at Lehigh University

Tiffany Caldwell, Undergraduate Sister of the Ionia Chapter at East Stroudsburg University

Eliza Dent, Undergraduate Sister of the Yemaya Chapter at Lehigh University


Shakwana Mosley, Undergraduate Sister of the Genesis Chapter at Kutztown University

Tiara Jones, Alumna Sister of the Yemaya Chapter at Lehigh University

Yemaya Chapter, Lehigh University

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