Mu Sigma Upsilon

Growing Up Broken

By Angelica Beverly Living in Sayreville, New Jersey, I grew up as a pastor’s child. In church almost every day of the week. My parents were both pastors and they had a church in Brooklyn, New York. Everyone knew and loved the Beverly’s. No one really knew what was really going on behind closed doors. My father had an anger problem. He was very abusive to…

Statement on Florida Board of Governors Ban of Greek Life

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. stands with Theta Nu Xi Multicultural, Sorority Inc. and endorses their statement: “Message to the Florida Board of Governor’s: Bans on Greek Life don’t and won’t protect students. They will hurt students instead. In too many ways. If Universities Ban Greek life but allow University Athletic teams to continue unfettered, can we honestly say their…

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