New Year, New Mu!

Beads of sweat drip down your forehead as you begin the trek from one class to the next. The heat envelops you and your peers as you look down at your phone in order to remember which class you have next. Mixed feelings circulate your mind as you express the dread of starting another year of homework and confusing professors while you simultaneously express the feelings of joy that come with being reunited with friends and beloved staff. College can be a confusing time, whether you are continuing your schooling right after high school, returning to school after taking a break, or tackling the challenge of grad school. Unfortunately, there is no guide book that can 100% guarantee the success of someone attempting to further her education. That’s why we need friends and resources to support us.

As many of our sisters begin classes for the new year, I challenge each of us, both student and alumni sisters alike, to reach out and support sisters who may be in the same degree program, sisters who may need help improving their study habits, or sisters who may need to work on their time management skills. Establishing good study habits and organization at the beginning of the year can save students plenty of time and stress throughout the upcoming year and beyond. That being said, it is important we do not solely focus on new and incoming sisters, but also older sisters who may have been struggling for some time. We want to embolden everyone in our sisterhood, not solely the new women we see the futures of our chapters in. The future of our organization relies on all of us, and now is our time to ensure our future is a bright one.
With the new year comes a great time to establish relationships with other chapters and mend relationships that may have become estranged. This is a great time to put our differences aside and come together in sisterhood, for study with the Mus sessions, and for intellectual discussions. I hope everyone has a successful school year and believes that they are more than capable of achieving their goals. Some say new year, new you. We say new year, new Mu!

Yemaya Chapter, Lehigh University

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